Jim Wilson is the retired director of Community Christian Ministries in Moscow, Idaho. He will be posting regularly, so check back in soon!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Political Action

Over the years, I have not taken a public political stance even though I have held strong opinions on most subjects. My greater conviction is that there is a more effective solution than the political one, which is preaching the gospel. If all, most, or a large minority of Christians would preach and practice the gospel with holiness instead of getting politically active, the character of the country would change rapidly for the good, even without a revival.

Back during the “civil rights” conflict I had to consider the option of being inside the restaurant “Mr. Barnes,” which threw out black people, or getting a placard and marching with the black people demanding to be let into Mr. Barnes restaurant. In praying about it I realized that the attitude of both groups of people were not good. If I was not going to identify with either side, what was I going to do, nothing? I realized that this third option was also not good. The answer was simple. I began to pray for opportunities with both black and white communities to preach the gospel. The answers to this prayer were immediate. Here are a few examples of many with the black community:

1. The president of the NAACP in Annapolis received Christ. He was a medical doctor. I became his best friend.
2. The local black elementary school was integrated and our daughter, Heather, was one of two white girls in the firth grade and the only white girl in the sixth grade. Gordon came home from his first day in Kindergarten and said, “Dad there is only one other kid with a face like mine.” We had many opportunities to witness and to integrate.

We, as Christians, are the only ones who have the responsibility and the opportunity to make the change that is needed in this country. Let’s not settle for second best, a political solution.

If we are in politics, we might not compromise our political convictions but we almost always compromise our Christian convictions regardless of the political positions that we hold.