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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

To Be Loyal?

Loyalty: adj. 1. “Faithful to the lawful government, or to the sovereign to whom one is subject. True to any person to whom owes fidelity.”

When used with the above definition, “loyal” is a good word. However, the word “loyal” and the practice of loyalty have gone far beyond that definition. At the best the practice of loyalty is innocent and the worst, it is mindless fanaticism. Sometimes it embraces apostasy. Example of innocent loyalty is when it is to a certain brand of beer, running shoes and perhaps a sport team. No promise of fidelity is being upheld. There is no requirement of loyalty. In all of these practices loyalty has a good reputation.

Loyalty is encouraged and taught as a good thing regardless of the objective we are loyal to. This happens in churches and whole denominations. People are taught loyalty and in turn practice it. They think it is a good thing.

Loyalty can also be expressed in being men followers. St. Paul says that this is immature and carnal. All of this kind of loyalty that is thought as good is a major hindrance to the unity in Christ. It is a means of choosing sides.

I would like you to consider your loyalties as possibly bad things, sins. Even if you have convinced yourself that your reasons are good.

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