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Friday, June 01, 2007

Catechism and Emotion

In the many evangelical churches there are several different systematic theologies. Even though there are so many differences there is something common in all of the theologies. It is that truth which saves. If it were not there, none of these churches would be Christian. However, that is not my subject.

Many of these Christians, (I would like to say “most” but I have not talked with all of them) have at least two distinct theologies each.

One of them is their church theology, the one they were taught in Sunday school or confirmation class or catechism class.

The other one is an emotional one that has its origin culturally, movies, songs, Christmas cards, novels, gossip, lack of Bible reading or much Bible reading, and the Holy Spirit. The first theology is the one they use in arguments. The second one is the one they live by, the one they trust.

There is an axiom that says “Ideas have consequences.” There is another one that I will declare right now. It is: “Emotions have consequences.” These ideas and emotions are different from each other and they are in the same person. The emotions in most cases trump the ideas. The consequences are different.

In most people there is more truth in the catechism than there is in the emotion. But the emotion is still senior. In some cases there is more truth in the emotion than there is in the catechism. This is so when the fruit of the spirit is dominant in the believer. In most cases worry, impatience, and fear describe the believer.

This needs amplifying, don’t panic.

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