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Friday, May 23, 2008

All about Sin without calling it Sin

You know, or have guessed I have read a lot of books, all kinds. I am a slow reader.

Missions, Holiness, the gospel, military, fiction, thinking, literature and history are some of my reading. Recently, I finished reading a unique short novel (168 pages). It was not a “cliff hanger”, a romance, sci-fi, western, murder mystery, or humorous. There was no action, no sex, no profanity, no mention of God or anything related to Him, like grace, faith, Heaven, prayer, obedience, commandments, etc. It is made of conversations only, and it is all about “sin” (except that, that word is not used), how to recognize this “sin.” This sin is not against God. It is against the hero by the hero and all of his relatives and associates.

I recommend the book highly. Why, when the basic premise is false and the solution is also false? It is so good at recognizing and describing the exceeding sinfulness of sin and the collateral damage to everyone involved.

Although the book is humanistic, I recommend it to both Christians and those who are not yet Christians because the sin is so easily recognized.

The book is titled Leadership and Self Deception by The Arbinger Institute for $14.95.

The book is a good preparation for a book on the good news or How to be Free from Bitterness.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

I've listened to that book! Leadership and Self Deception by The Arbinger Institute for $14.95. I sent it to my older brother, and he read it too. This book is recommended reading for Microsoft employees. You are right, "the box" is another way of saying you're in a rut of sinful attitudes. The recommended action, as I remember it, is to discover a way to get out of "the box" by cultivating an attitude of gratitude and learning to recognize and purposefully direct your attention toward the things you like and enjoy about the members of your family or the people you work with. Another key is to make friends with people who help you develop and maintain a positive perspective toward others. It's a good book!