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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Christian Wives are Commanded to Respect their Husbands

In the last few weeks I have had separate conversations with three teenage boys, all of whom were raised in evangelical homes.

During the conversations I asked each of them where they wanted to be in ten years, professionally, spiritually, and maritally. As I remember they all wanted to be in computers; they all wanted to be Godly and they all wanted to be married. Good answers. What kind of a woman did they want to marry? Each of them wanted to marry a woman who was more Godly than he was. Asked about how they planned to be Godly in ten years, I found none of them wanted to read the Bible, obey their parents and one of them was profane and it did not bother his conscience.

I drew their attention that Christian wives are commanded to respect their husband. They also want to respect their husbands. That is also one of their considerations for a prospective husband. Normally they want to marry a man who is older, taller, smarter and if she is a Christian wants him to be Godlier than she is.

This is not new. Over the last fifty years among Christian men I have seen an abdication of maleness or to be more direct, a spiritual self emasculation. This is more than irresponsibility. It is gross sin.


Craig and Heather said...

It is so wonderful to see this post!

My husband and I have been examining this very topic--along with its counterpoint message that husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved the church.

American Christians need to hear this more as the concept of God-appointed "chain of command" seems to be so skewed in our country.

I'm happy to have come upon your site and look forward to reading more!


Anonymous said...

what are you talking about, you are very confused and random.

Megan Penner said...

I am the daughter of a man you led to Christ 30 years ago. My parents were Col. and Mrs. Don H. Owen. They are in heaven now. I, too, have been blessed by your wisdom and counsel.

I am so happy I found your blog. Thank you for this posting. My dear husband and I have been reading some wonderful books by CJ Mahaney and his wife on this very topic. Please continue in your writings. I look forward to more! Great blessings to you and Mrs. Wilson. Megan Owen Penner

James I Wilson said...

Dear Megan,

Thank you for writing. My daughter-in-law just found me on "youtube" giving a talk in April on "How to be Free From Bitterness." Check "youtube", then "Jim Wilson Bitterness."

I will just put you on a weekly e-mail called "Day & Night." Our website is www.ccmbooks.org.

Thank you for recommending the Mahaney's writings.

I am now 81. Bessis will be 90 in May.

In Christ,


James I Wilson said...

That was Bessie, not Bessis.


~Jim Wilson's Secretary

Megan Penner said...

It would be wonderful if you could sign me up for the newsletters. My email address is mpenner@nc.rr.com.
My husband and I just finished seminary but we live in NC with no real plans for ministry right now. We have four children -- Josiah, Mila, Camden and Bella Joy. We are so blessed! I would love to keep in touch. My love to both of you -- Megan

Anonymous said...

Lol, sorry, I forgot to list my name as Rhonda S.