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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The American People Elect Candidates based on the Wrong Reasons

Although I was not conscious of it, I was alive when Herbert Hoover was elected President of the United States. From my kindergarten year into my senior year of high school, Franklin Delono Roosevelt was President. I remember where I was when he died in 1945. I marched in Harry Truman’s inauguration in 1949. I was in the Korean War when Truman fired General MacArthur. Since then I have been very conscious of all of the Presidents and remember certain events, good and bad, in of their presidencies.

My conviction, looking back on all of these years, is not that the American people have collective wisdom in electing the next president, but that we have a maximum of two terms for any one president.

Rather than great wisdom in the people it looks (without being cynical) like there are other factors not in any order of precedence.

Gender, race, age, looks, money, principles, location, political party, social status, education, intelligence, knowledge, truth, and lies. The most important decisive factor is the electorate, is credulousness.

Two factors which do not have as much weight, but should have in a candidate, are wisdom and integrity.

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