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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Atheists -- Part 2

A few rational thoughts on atheists.

There are three kinds of self proclaimed atheists:

1. The most common kind says, “I do not believe in God.” Notice the grammar. The “not” modifies “believe” not “God”. What he is really saying is: “There is a God in whom he does not believe.”

2. The second most common kind of atheist says, “I believe there is no God.” In this case the “no” modifies “God.” However the “atheist” says he believes there is no God. His basis is belief. His is a faith position. He is saying either that he has a positive faith in nothing or a positive belief in something. If it is nothing then he is a faith atheist. If it is something, the something is his god.

3. The rarest kind of atheist says, “There is no God.” He makes a dogmatic statement as if he was declaring a fact. His is not a faith position. It is a factual position, not a theoretical position. However, when he makes a factual statement the burden of proof rests on him. A believer has no burden of proof.

It might be difficult to prove a positive. It is impossible to prove a negative. To establish a negative to be true, the prover has to know absolutely everything.

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