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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stimulus Bill

For those who may be interested, a few months ago, I related how I had returned the $250 stimulus money from Social Security which was electronically deposited in each of our accounts on May 7, 2009.

I sent the $500 check made out to the Secretary of the Treasury to our state senator with a letter. This was with the advice of his office. I sent it in April upon the receipt of the announcement from Social Security that we were going to receive the $250 deposits.

On 7 May I received the check back from the senator with a letter that it was against Senate rule to handle things associated with the Executive branch of the government. He suggested I get in touch with I.R.S. The I.R.S. said that they could not touch it because it was Social Security money. I got no personal response from Social Security.

On 6 June I sent the check directly to the Secretary of the Treasury with a letter. I sent it certified mail. It was signed for on 24 June, 15 days later. It is now 17 August. The check has not cleared nor have I received an answer from the department.

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