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Monday, January 06, 2014

The School of Practical Christianity Starts Up Again!

This is a preface to our short (six week) School of Practical Christianity. It is not like the previous ones which were 15 hours a week for a semester. This will be two hours a week for six weeks.

I hope to put something of each class on Day & Night on facebook for those who cannot make it to the class. I do not intend on interpreting any verse of Scripture. I intend to bring Scripture to your attention. If you catch me violating this, call me out.

If everything is self evident you may not need the class. If you do not understand anything I am saying you may love to take it twice, or get in touch with me with questions.

The class starts this Saturday, Jan 11th 2:00pm, at my place. I hope to see you there!

Jim Wilson
114 S. Howard St.

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