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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More Like Jesus

Concerning my last few posts, I would like to know which of you seriously would like to be more like Jesus. Do you think I could be of some help in this journey?
I do not wish to impart more knowledge of truth. I would like to teach how to 'obey everything Jesus commanded his apostles.' I do not think I have arrived. I am willing to be a pace setter.

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Jo Lines said...


Hi Jim,

In the past few months, I read in a devotional by Joni Eareckson Tada that

after healing many and then praying all night Jesus did not return to heal

many more but pressed on to share the gospel in the next town. She pointed out

that Jesus lived for the gospel and we should too. That has stuck with me, and

I am mulling it often, looking for opportunities to show the supremacy in


Recently I read in John Piper's book Taste and See about growing in obedience.

He was addressing the Scripture "if you love me you will obey me." He used

other verses of Scripture to show that love for God results from faith in the

promises of God. Love is the fruit of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit's

purpose is to glorify Jesus Christ—it is by believing in the promises of Jesus

that love grows.

So now I am reading Charles Spurgeon's God Promises You, and praying to grow

in love of Christ by greater belief in his promises.

Many times I read your blog and you are talking about something I've been

mulling over. God uses you to bless me very often! I print some of your blog

entries and share them. I have many of them around the house here in sheet

protectors for quick reference. You are a great help to me in my walk with

Jesus. I should be asking rather how I could help you since you have helped me

to grow in true riches.

In Christ,


Jo Lines
Carnation, WA