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Friday, December 12, 2014


I am sending this out knowing that some of you have fibromyalgia. This was not in place of prayer. It was God’s answer to prayer in her life:

“Reaching this point in my spiritual life enabled me about ten years later to marry a man whose work, I knew, would take both of us to new and unfriendly territory halfway around the world. Many people have asked me since that time how I could do it. The answer is simple: I have learned that I couldn’t. It is not about me and what I can or can’t do; it is all about what Christ can do. This move meant many unknowns, but then, God had me living like that for many years – in my own country. I am not an adventuresome person and not a risk-taker, and I am thankful for that, otherwise I might have doubted myself; “Am I really doing this for the Lord – or doing it for myself?” Because it’s not in my nature to take such a drastic step, I will gladly testify that it is the Lord’s hand.

“Having come to a desert in a very out-of-the-way spot, one day God led an Indian pharmacist through a local friend literally to our doorstep. The man listened patiently over tea as I described my symptoms of fibromyalgia. They weren’t worsening but weren’t letting up, either. The man suggested several things that would probably be helpful, including a form of Vitamin B-12. I had heard a lot of remedies over the years but decided to give this methylcobalamin (MCB) a try. What could it hurt? It was just a plain old vitamin. Within a day, the fiery pain had decreased by 80%. I thought I must surely be dreaming and didn’t even tell my husband at first. Yet in two days, it had almost completely vanished! I felt stunned…could this really be happening? After all these years of suffering? The resounding answer has been YES. So although God has not chosen to heal me completely, His fingerprints are all over this. Being healed or not has nothing to do with my faith. It doesn’t even matter that I have it…except that it still helps me to still keep my ‘eye on the ball.’ I would not have exchanged those years for anything.”

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Anonymous said...

Hallelujah. May Christ bring more joys to your life and mission.

-A reader