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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Here are a few facts about Korea.
It is about the size of Utah with 45 times as many people. The first movable printing type made of metal was invented there in the late 1300’s. A phonetic alphabet with 24 letters was invented in 1438. Other first inventions were armored warships in the 1500’s, marine’s compass and a suspension bridge. Only 22 percent of the land is arable.
Recent Political history:

Japan’s influence in Korea became strong in 1895. In 1905, Japan took control of Korea’s foreign affairs. In 1910, Japan annexed Korea as part of Japan. This continued until August of 1945. After Japan’s surrender in World War II, Russia invaded Korea as far south as the 38th Parallel. North Korea invaded South Korea in June of 1950. This was continued for an even three years, at which time a truce was signed but there has never been a peace treaty. The two nations are still at war 60 years later. Total military casualties dead, wounded, and missing for South Korea , United States, and the UN – 580,135. Total military casualties for China and North Korea – 1,591,000. Civilian casualties are unknown but both North and South Korea were devastated physically.

North Korea is under a dictatorship. The country is very poor.

South Korea is a modern industrial democracy. A satellite picture of Korea at night shows South Korea lighted with electric light. North Korea is physically dark.

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