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Friday, February 10, 2017

More on Searching the Scriptures

I received the following question about searching the Scriptures: “I did not understand this part; please explain: ‘It is wrong to think that the teacher’s veracity is being validated when the student has been given the teacher’s own texts.’’

Suppose that there are several different views that Christians hold concerning a certain aspect of theology. A teacher may teach his beliefs and give the students many Bible references to look up. However, he might only give the Scriptures that agree with what he is teaching. If the student reads only them, of course he agrees with the teacher.

If the student searched the Scriptures, he would be reading a lot more than the references given to him by the teacher. The student might still agree with the teacher. On the other hand, he might find Scriptures that differ with the teacher. His searching should be broad, not narrow.

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