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Thursday, March 23, 2017


The question, “Why?” has caused great problems among Christians. It should be a legitimate question, and is in some instances. If the answer is clear in the Word of God, there is no problem. If the question is not answered clearly in the Bible, then it is the answers that are given which cause the problems. Answers are pulled from the blue sky or derived by reasoning, sometimes fallaciously, sometimes convoluted, sometimes legitimate, but still not inspired.

We do not seem to be able to say, “The Bible does not say, so I don’t know,” or, “I am not going to guess,” or, “Let’s search the text for an answer.” We think we have to give an immediate answer.

“Why?” questions can be accusatory (“Why did God command Joshua to kill all of the Canaanites?”) or curious (“Why did Jesus walk on the water?”). These “Why?” questions should only be answered if the person asking really wants an answer and the answer is in the Bible.

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