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Wednesday, May 03, 2017


There is a difference between sin and crime. Sin is against the laws of God. Crime is against the laws of the state. Sometimes they are close to coinciding. Murder is against the law of God and the law of the state. Sometimes they do not agree. Homosexuality and adultery are against the law of God and no longer against the laws of the state in many places.

Many years ago, I participated in a for-credit class at the University of Michigan. It was a Sensitivity Session. During the class, the students would say accusatory, insulting words to each other. The words were four-letter words. The object was to see how sensitive the person was who was being addressed.

During one such class, the moderator, an undergraduate student, decided to give a monologue as if he were homosexual. The voice and mannerisms were an act. At the conclusion of his talk, he asked the student on his left what he thought of the "speaker." He got an affirming answer. He asked each of the students, and all gave positive, affirming answers.

He finally got to me. I replied. “Bill, you know I love you, and even if I understand all of your family background and have much sympathy for you, God still says it’s sin."

One of the women spoke up. “Jim, all of us here are free to give our opinions on any subject. You are invited; you can give your opinions too, but don't sit there and say it’s God’s opinion.”

That broke up the class. The moderator got in my face and said all kinds of things to me, with a limited vocabulary, and the woman student cheered him on.

Does much practice make homosexuality ok? The law may say it is ok, but God still says it is sin.

Recommended reading: The Constitution, the New Testament

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