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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Protecting the City: Physically & Spiritually

Recently, I was looking at Davis Wilson's blog, Effable. He was quoting an article by Michael Uto in the New York Times of Feb. 26.

There were two things that caught my eye in the article. One was simply true and strategical. The other was ironically true and tactical. The article was on the effectiveness of an inner city church.

1. "Dr. Keller has grasped the strategic importance of the city."
The destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in 2002 proved
the strategic importance of the city. This attack affected the whole nation.
So it is with the gospel. (See tomorrow's blog on strategic cities). This
importance was known by Al Qaeda before the attack. It helps to know the
strategic importance before we act.

2. "Teach pastors to love the city"
This is true, but why do we evangelical pastors need to be taught this basic
Christian truth? We Christian pastors are fearful of the city, whether it is
New York City or Salt Lake City. Even if we are in the city, we are afraid of
the city. We fight a defensive war. We would like to have a perimeter defense,
a walled in church. We want to keep the evil out. Perfect love casts out fears.

1 comment:

Larry White said...

Food for thought and prayer. I am one who fled the sinful city, not seeing the city of God therein, only to take my sins with me. Hoping God was guiding me. And He has, never leaving the city.