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Monday, March 20, 2006

Fatalities: Abortion, War, and Drunk Driving

East Asian Tsunamis, Pakistan earthquakes, Gulf state hurricanes are noted for the vast destruction and loss of life in the thousands.

In addition to that, we have had in this last century what we call holocaust and genocide. This would include Germany, Ruanda, Russia, China, Iraq, Darfur, Bosnia, and Turkey. A euphemism for this genocide is “ethnic cleansing.” Most of the above nations’ genocides were based on difference in race, tribe or religion. Notice how nice the words “ethnic cleansing” sound. To cleanse is to get rid of the dirty and the bad. We are not concerned about a single person being killed unless the person is related to us or from our home town. Although we would not participate in any one person or mass murder we can hear of 30 million Chinese being killed by Mao and think, “What’s 30 million Chinese?”

We have other types of human slaughter that we pay no attention to because of the use of nice sounding words and the laws of the land. The words are “alcoholic” or “addiction” and “pro-choice.”

Here are a few statistics for the United States:

-Fatalities from drunk driving from 1982-2004 were 461,295 or about 21,000 a year

-Fatalities from abortions in the U.S. from 1973 to 2005 were 47,282,293 or about
1,477,571 a year

-U.S. Fatalities in the War in Iraq from 2003 to 2006 were 2,290 or about 764 a year

These men and women were not drafted. They enlisted, volunteered and were paid with the full knowledge that they would be targets for death in another country.

Here in our own nation we kill 21,000 people a year irresponsibly and a million and a half a year premeditated and deliberate. These people did not volunteer for a dangerous job. They were killed in car wrecks or in the most secure, protective place in the world, their mother’s womb.

How do we get away with it? Innocent sounding words!
Pro (a good word)
Choice (a good word)
Let’s complete the sentence. “A woman’s right to choose to murder her own and the father’s child.” It is not even a choice. It is not called “choice” if the baby is kept alive. The “choice” is always negative or the word would not be used.

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Tiffany said...

Thank you Mr. Wilson for the sobering perspective.