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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

People's Eyes

In my 79 years, solitude has not been one of my vocations or vacations. I suppose if I figured up my time outside of eating and sleeping it would be made up of people and books, mostly people. Besides listening and talking I look at people. If I am in a conversation I focus on the persons face, eyes and mouth, mostly eyes. This is to say that I have spent a lot of time looking at people’s eyes. When this happens, of course I see the color of their eyes (that’s my subject) but I see more. This may sound crazy, but I look into the person. That’s not my subject.

The rest of the time is spent with books; History, Biography, Spiritual and many kinds of fiction. History supposedly deals with facts. Historical fiction is facts with added color.

One of the ways you can tell you are reading fiction is the description of the eyes of people. This is a means of describing the good guys and the bad guys. I don’t mind reading about “cozy brown” or “jet black’ or “bright blue” or weak “pale blue” or tiger “green” or hazel. We have all seen these colors in real life. So those colors do not make the book fiction. In many books, mystery, romance, cowboy, or adventure there is always someone in the book with “gray” eyes. Apparently, it is a good color. This color generally goes to the hero or heroine or some other positive character.

Back to the people, in the thousands of eyes I have looked into, or at, I have yet to encounter one person with “grey” eyes. Can we tell the character of a person by his eyes? Sometimes, but never because of the color and then never “gray” eyes. The same goes for lavender or violet eyes, also found in fiction.

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