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Thursday, December 07, 2006

More Gray Eyes

In the last week I have encountered more gray eyes, all in fiction. You may think that all I do is read fiction. The truth is gray eyes are everywhere. Here they are. This is the best one from an O. Henry short story.

“Had a poet been inspired to pen just similes concerning her favor, he would have likened her full, clear eyes, with their white encircled, gray irises, to moonflowers.”

The next best.

“Under the dark brim her hair, face and eyes were of a uniform grayish tint” Patricia Wentworth, murder mystery. The same eyes in the next two pages were “The light colorless eyes stared back straining” and “She fixed her light wild eyes on…”

The next is from a western by BM Bower “A little ginger-whiskered man with cold gray-eyes.”

Authors must be reading each other’s books to be encouraged to find things which are not real.

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