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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Read the New Testament in 67 Days

There are many Christians who read the Scriptures sporadically in time and place. In other words, they read the Scriptures “now and then” and “here and there.” They gravitate to their favorite chapters. If asked the last time they had read the New Testament through, they would not be sure they had ever had read it through. Consequently there is an appalling ignorance of God’s Word in the body of Christ, and a consequent lack of obedience. Listening to the best Bible teachers in the world will not make up for the personal ignorance of the individual.

First, the genealogies in the New Testament take up less than two chapters total in Matthew and Luke. If they are a problem to you, skip them. Then go back over then separately; it will only take five minutes. They are important or they would not be there. However, they are not intended to stop you from reading the rest of the New Testament.

Second, when you read, do not stop for hard to understand passages; keep reading. They will make more sense because you kept reading. They will make even more sense the second time through.

Third, if you think the Bible is dull reading, start with exciting parts like Luke and the Acts of the Apostles.

Fourth, if you are a slow reader (150 words a minute), the whole Bible would take only 80 hours of reading. The reason it takes so long is the days, weeks, or months you do not read from it at all. You can get the whole Bible read out loud on 48 tapes.

Fifth, a schedule may help some of you. If you read four chapters each day, only Matthew and Acts would take a week to read. All of the rest (25 books) would take less than a week, and of those, 17 have from one to six chapters each, so you would finish reading each in a maximum of one and a half days.

The object is to know God and obey Him more and more. The object is not to finish so you can say, “I finish.” You cannot say that you know what God wants from you without knowing all His revelation and knowing His revelation will.

The New Testament—Four Chapters a Day

Name of Book No. of Chapters No. of Days

Matthew 28 7
Mark 16 4
Luke 24 6
John 21 5
Acts 28 7
Romans 16 4
1 Corinthians 16 4
2 Corinthians 13 3
Galatians 6 1.5
Ephesians 6 1.5
Philippians 4 1
Colossians 4 1
1 Thessalonians 5 1
2 Thessalonians 3 1
1 Timothy 6 1.5
2 Timothy 4 1
Titus 3 1
Philemon 1 1
Hebrews 13 3
James 5 1
1 Peter 5 1
2 Peter 3 1
1 John 5 1
2 John 1 1
3 John 1 1
Jude 1 1
Revelation 22 5.5

Total Days to finish New Testament 67

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