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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Attitudes about Irresponsibility (from Both Men & Women)

Today, irresponsibility is no longer recognized as failure. Men and women think it is normal, even a birthright. Men may still want the authority that comes with it, but they do not want the responsibility itself. That compounds the problem. There are two humanist views of masculinity circulating today:

• Muscular, dominant, boastful, sexual prowess, professional performance. One famous athlete said that he had had 24,000 women. Krishna, a fictitious Hindu deity, was supposed to have had tens of thousands of wives and to have committed adultery with 1,000 other men’s wives without the men knowing it. This is the kind of “masculinity” you find in dirty talk and novels for men.
• Thoughtful, kind, tender, irresponsible until he meets a good woman who straightens him out in marriage. This view is found in romantic novels written by women for women.

God made men with testosterone and estrogen. The natural man lives by pleasant sensations that God has given as a means, and he makes them into an end in themselves. “This is the way I was made; this is the way I will act.” He follows his stream of consciousness.

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