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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

History of Irresponsibility: Real-Life Examples and Evidence

You may argue with or misunderstand the point of this article (that men were designed and commanded to bear responsibility) because your experience was different. It may seem wrong to you because:

• The present culture says otherwise.
• Your mother provided the stability in your home.
• Your mother was dominant, but not stable.
• Your father was not self-disciplined, and therefore over-disciplined the children.
• Your father was dominant, but irresponsible.
• Many other combinations.

What are the signs of an irresponsible man? The primary evidence is selfishness or self-centeredness. All of the characteristics listed below are subsets of this selfishness. There are many signs of irresponsibility in the male of the species. Unfortunately, this includes many Christian men, or at least men who think they are Christians.

In general, men want the privileges of being male without the corresponding responsibility. What are these privileges?

Sexual gratification:

• Marriage
• Free sex (promiscuous sex, paid-for sex, unloving sex, rape, or incest)
• Homosexual sex (monogamous or promiscuous)
• Pornography


• They need to “make it” in their profession and have other people know they have made it. If they have not made it, they will excuse or justify themselves or blame the boss or others. Men are much guiltier of this than women.
• They brag and boast of good things, innocent things, and evil things. They must draw attention to their prowess in whatever physical, mental, or athletic endeavor they are good at.
• They succumb to peer pressure and dirty talk.
• If they are bigger, older, or have more authority, they bully those under them.
• Innocent fun. Hobbies like woodworking or stamp collecting or activities like hunting, fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, fitness, jogging, basketball, skydiving, golfing, computer games, etc.
• Evil fun. Doing things for kicks, practical jokes, kidding (Proverbs 26:18), stealing, heterosexual activity outside marriage, homosexual activity, getting drunk, lying. Any of the hobbies mentioned above can also become evil when it turns into an obsession, an addiction. This kind of addiction can be hard to recognize because the fun seems innocent. The fun becomes irresponsible when it occupies a man’s thinking, his time, or his money beyond what can or ought to be afforded.

A final sign of irresponsibility is that the man does not want to be responsible. He would rather be waited on than serve. What’s more, he thinks that it is a God-sanctioned privilege to be irresponsible.

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