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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Ministry Update

I have had requests for more information on Community Christian Ministries.

Over the years, we closed all but two of our stores. The reason for this was that they had become ineffective both in evangelism and in book selling. The two remaining stores are and The Brushfire Coffee House in Gunnison, Colorado, serving Western State College, and Oasis Books in Logan, Utah, serving Utah State University with Brad Scheelke and Eldon Peterson on staff. We will send you Brad’s ministry letter. Oasis is located on Center Street. It is attached to a bakery with access both from the street and from the bakery.

Here in Moscow, Rodger Boothman has succeeded Matt Meyer as director. Matt succeeded me at the end of 2006. In addition to his responsibilities as director, Rodger is our main evangelist for both Washington State University and the University of Idaho.

CCM has a new office at 212 E. 6th St., 1½ blocks east of Main Street. (We have just moved into that location, so there is no signage out front yet.)

Our other evangelist is James Urquidez, whose beat is the county jail and other places where you will find drunks and druggies. We will also send out an update from him.

Barbara Friedman is now retired because of a very poor memory. She is living with her sister Nancy in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She seems to be very content and has an “up” attitude.

My present ministry is here in my house. I see three to five people every day, some by appointment, and some just walk in. I have a bookcase full of free books. The rest of my time is spent writing letters, booklets, and books.

CCM has begun publishing again. Here are a few of the recent titles:
Dead and Alive: Obedience and the New Man (Obedience)
The USNA 12: Following Christ in the Academy, the Navy, and Beyond (Testimonies, including mine)
Wisdom, Not Knowledge: Thoughts on Christian Counseling (Counseling)
How to Be a Responsible Man (booklet)
How to Lead Your Wayward Children Back to the Lord (booklet)
Revolutionary Love by Festo Kivengere (3rd edition)
• The Lordship of Jesus Christ by Bill Pape (4th edition)
We are preparing Kindle editions for all of CCM’s books and booklets. Several of them are already available on Amazon (Saturation Love, Wisdom, Not Knowledge, The USNA 12, The Lordship of Jesus Christ, and Assurances of Salvation). Many of the books will also be available on the Olive Tree app soon.

A new edition of How to be free From Bitterness will be printed soon. We also have some future books coming: I Have Given Them the Glory (Unity), How to Be Free (a sequel to How to Be Free from Bitterness), Answered Prayer (not sure of the title yet), and Grace upon Grace (my autobiography). Several others are planned but have not been started yet.

The book table at the Farmers’ Market is no longer manned by me. It is manned by volunteers and is still an effective event.

I have some bigger projects planned. Please pray. I will keep you informed.

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