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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Two Reasons People Are Hurting

There are two great needs in the world today. Actually, they overlap.

The first need belongs to the billions of people who are lost and are going to die without Christ.

The other group is made up of Christians who do not think they are loved by God, by their parents, or by friends. They are loved by God, but they have believed the lie of the devil that God does not love them. As far as their perception that other people don’t love them, it may be true or false.

God has a solution for both groups. The first is that Christians are to make disciples of the world. The second is that God has commanded Christians to love God, their neighbors, wives, brothers, and enemies with a sacrificial love. This is not happening. The result is that many people are being short-changed on receiving love. Consequently, they are hurting very much.

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