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To introduce myself: I am seventy-eight years old. I have been a Christian for fifty-eight of them. The first nine years of my life were in the US Navy, three of them at the US Naval Academy, and six of them on, or next to, the Pacific Ocean, four of the six in the Western Pacific. In 1952 I married Bessie Dodds in Yokohama, Japan. She was a Canadian missionary to Japan and Head Mistress of a women's bible college in Yokohama. We have four children: Douglas, Evan, Heather, and Gordon. We have fifteen grandchildren, one of whom is in Heaven, and nine great-grandchildren and expecting the tenth. To my knowledge, all our descendants are walking in the light. However, some are still in infancy. There will be several posts weekly on Roots By The River, most of which are for believers, but some will be on the gospel for unbelievers. You are free to pass them on. Most of the posts will be short and therefore strong, but maybe not always comprehensive. Feel free to leave a comment or que