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Deceiving and being Deceived

These two words both describe one who is following Satan. Yes we know that lying is following Satan. We did not know that being lied to was following Satan. Eve was lied to; she followed Satan. We know we are not lie. We are not to believe lies that are told to us. If we do believe a lie, we are in sin. The liar says that he is telling the truth. The truth teller says that he is telling the truth. It is up to the listener to know the difference. Here are a few ways to discern lying: 1. smooth talk 2. flattery 3. suggestion 4. subtlety 5. involved explanations 6. know the truth very well 7. know the enemy’s tactics well

More on the Stimulus Bill

In the August 27, 2009, Wall Street Journal there was a note on the front page with no story attached. “The Federal Government sent about 3900 stimulus payments of $250 each this spring to prison inmates.” I am assuming that these inmates are old enough to be on Social Security. I can thank of no other reason. That is why we received the $250 each. It certainly could not be intended to buy future “votes” because a conviction of a felony deprives the felon the right to vote. Even if this package was not intended to buy votes, it demonstrates moral irresponsibilty. Our returned checks to the Secretary of the Treasury still has not cleared.