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The House Church

House churches still exist. They are existent because of 1) persecution and the consequent necessity to be secretive; 2) financial necessity. There is not enough money to rent, build, or buy; 3) the size of the church. There may be enough money, but there are not enough people to warrant a separate building used only a few times a week; 4) on principle. It is better to have forty house churches or twenty-five people each, than it is to have a building for one thousand people. The house churches will reach the city faster than the big church. They can double in size, divide, and multiply. The house churches are not dependent on a gifted, high-powered pastor, nor a big, professional staff. In fact, they may not have a staff at all. They minister to each other. They are by nature family oriented. If they do require a pastor supported by the congregation full time, it need not be a financial burden. If the church is made up of ten families, each of which

Of Leadership

by Jim Wilson God, in his goodness and grace, called me to be an evangelist, pastor and teacher. These different responsibilities have been mine for over forty years both in and outside of churches. During these years I have been aware of unpleasantness in some churches. Here are a few general examples: • the pastor has been an autocrat; • the pastor has been called to a “pastor-eating church;” • the church is “owned” by one or two families who “hire” and “fire” pastors—who “chew them up and spit them out;” • the church finds it easy to “choose up sides” within the church. People tolerate, condone and allow all sorts of irregularities in a church until they are in excess. Then the Christians get angry and endeavor to correct the situation with bitterness, anger and clamor(1). The correction is not done in a Christian way. Correction must be done gently, spiritually and with all planks removed. "Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual sho