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Political Action

Over the years, I have not taken a public political stance even though I have held strong opinions on most subjects. My greater conviction is that there is a more effective solution than the political one, which is preaching the gospel. If all, most, or a large minority of Christians would preach and practice the gospel with holiness instead of getting politically active, the character of the country would change rapidly for the good, even without a revival. Back during the “civil rights” conflict I had to consider the option of being inside the restaurant “Mr. Barnes,” which threw out black people, or getting a placard and marching with the black people demanding to be let into Mr. Barnes restaurant. In praying about it I realized that the attitude of both groups of people were not good. If I was not going to identify with either side, what was I going to do, nothing? I realized that this third option was also not good. The answer was simple. I began to pray for opportunities