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Monday, January 09, 2006

Two Lies

There are a few expressions in television advertisements that should tell us that we have a distorted, upside-down view of truth. Apparently these expressions are effective in selling products or they would cease to be used.

1. “My doctor says.”

A. In our society MD’s have great knowledge and authority.
B. The one who has the most knowledge and authority is mine. “My doctor”. It works.

2. “You deserve.”

This is the ultimate in works righteousness even when there is no works at all. All you have to be is “you”; that is everyone in front of the television set. What do you “deserve”? Something luxurious that moths will eat and rust will corrupt and thieves will break in and steal.
This lie is the same lie that the Serpent gave to Eve. “You deserve this fruit”.

I will not stand in front of the Great White Throne and say, “I deserve Heaven”.


Valerie (Kyriosity) said...

"Thirty thousand Americans can't be wrong" was another one that used to find me yelling at the idiot box, "Of course they could! Nothing is more likely!"

thebeloved said...

Hi Deborah... this note is just for you! I know you are the "moderator" of the comments. Many blessings to you my friend! I love you!