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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Black Hole

Black Hole n. (1968): a hypothetical invisible region in space with a small diameter and intense gravitational field that is held to be caused by the collapse of a massive star.

I am glad the definition has in it “hypothetical.” I am not sure I believe in something hypothetical and invisible that eats up massive stars. But I like the concept. I have got my own personal black hole. It is black, of small diameter and eats up things. However, it is visible and real. It is my brief case. It has been eating important stuff for years. It is so real I have recently abandoned it. I am slow to learn. I have been putting things into it for years and have rarely taken anything out of it. That is true only if I can find what I want.

What was designed to be a useful slave to me became my useless master and I became its useless slave.

Now, if I can free myself of my desk and file cabinets and be left with my wife, Bible and toothbrush, I will be really free.

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