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Monday, April 23, 2007

Motive for the Massacre?

We are very upset about the mass murder/suicide at Virginia Tech.

We are not upset at all about the mass murder/suicides that take place almost daily in Iraq.

We wondered about the motive for the massacre. A few days later we found out the motive because Mr. Cho made his testimony to the country via NBC. He was deranged but that did not make him innocent. He was an evil man.

We do not wonder about the motives of the mass murderers, suiciders in Iraq. These murderers are not leaving DVD’s giving their reasons. Perhaps we know their motives or perhaps we do not care. The difference is that these mass murderers/suiciders are not isolated cases of derangement. They are hundreds, thousands of trained, deranged people. They are trained by hysteric clerics in many mosques and schools around the world. They are waiting in line for a time and place that someone else assigns to them to murder.

If we knew that a certain pastor trained Mr. Cho to be deranged he would be prosecuted. If someone else directed Mr. Cho when and where he should make an attack he also would be prosecuted.

Tomorrow's Roots by the River will give a Christian answer.

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