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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bible Reading

Many years ago I was speaking at a men’s conference from an evangelical church. At the first session I gave each man a 3 x 5 card and asked them to put three numbers on their card, but not their name.

The first number was answering the question, “How many years have you been a Christian?”

The second number was answering the question, “How many times have you read the Old Testament in its entirety?

The third number answered the question, “How many times have you read the New Testament?”

After collecting the cards I added up all of the years and all of the times and then divided the total times into the total years.

If my memory is correct the Old Testament was read once every 27 years and the New Testament once every 17 years. However, since then I have gotten averages of 7 ½ years OT, and 2 ½ years NT. If a person is a very slow reader the whole Bible can be read in less than 80 hours. How do I know? An audio Bible can be purchased on 48 cassette tapes or on a CD.

The first time I read the Bible through I had been a Christian about three years. I have now been a Christian 60 years. In recent years I followed a YWAM schedule for two years and the last two, one put out by African Enterprise called Light on the Way. This schedule goes through four different parts of the Bible every day for a total of four or five chapters. The result, the Old Testament is read once, the New Testament twice, and the Psalms twice in one year. If you would like a copy of Light on the Way, please send me your mailing address.

In the meantime, below is a schedule for reading the New Testament in 67 days.

Matthew- 28 chapters, 7 days
Mark- 16 chapters, 4 days
Luke- 24 chapters, 6 days
John- 21 chapters, 5 days
Acts- 28 chapters, 7 days
Romans- 16 chapters, 4 days
1 Corinthians- 16 chapters, 4 days
2 Corinthians- 13 chapters, 3 days
Galatians- 6 chapters, 1.5 days
Ephesians- 6 chapters, 1.5 days
Philippians- 4 chapters, 1 day
Colossians- 4 chapters, 1 day
1 Thessalonians- 5 chapters, 1 day
2 Thessalonians- 3 chapters, 1 day
1 Timothy- 6 chapters, 1.5 days
2 Timothy- 4 chapters, 1 day
Titus- 3 chapters, 1 day
Philemon- 1 chapter, 1 day
Hebrews- 13 chapters, 3 days
James- 5 chapters, 1 day
1 Peter- 5 chapters, 1 day
2 Peter- 3 chapters, 1 day
1 John- 5 chapters, 1 day
2 John- 1 chapter, 1 day
3 John- 1 chapter, 1 day
Jude- 1 chapter, 1 day
Revelation- 22 chapters, 5.5 days

Total Days to finish New Testament, 67

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