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Monday, June 23, 2008

Heaven and the Bride of Christ

When we think of Heaven, it might be a beautiful meadow with wild flowers in the sunshine or some other pleasant place.

However, one of the descriptions we have in the Bible is one of the throne and the Lamb and the 24 elders and the cherubim and seraphim. It is a place of glory and continuous praise.

Another is of a city. However this city is identified as the church, the bride of Christ. If the city were a literal, physical, city as described in Revelation here it is, the description and dimensions.

1. It descends to earth.
2. It is a mega city. It is 1400 miles wide (Seattle to Omaha) 1400 miles long (Omaha to Mexico City) and 1400 miles high. If we cubed these numbers, it would be over 27 million cubic miles. It is a walled city with walls over 200 ft. thick. The city is square and made of pure gold that is transparent as glass. In this city there is no moon, no sun, no night, and no sea. There is a river that is a fruitful river. There are twelve gates, each made of a single pearl. There are twelve foundations each made of a very precious stone. The city shone with the glory of God. There was an angel at each of the gates.

This might be Heaven but it is the Bride of Christ, the Church.

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