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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Unborn Life

A few years ago here in Moscow, a man was convicted of double murder for killing his wife and unborn child. At first I was convinced that he was innocent because he said he was, but later he admitted doing it. That is not the issue I am addressing today. The issue is that the unborn child was considered a living person who got murdered.

When a couple wants a baby and the wife gets pregnant, they are glad and consider what is in her to be a baby. They find out the sex of the baby before the baby is born.

If a woman gets pregnant and does not want to be pregnant, she considers it not a baby but something less than human, and has the baby killed.

This makes no sense.

In one case, a man is convicted of murder, and in the other case it is supposedly not murder. In the first case, it is a baby, and in the second case it is not a baby. This makes no sense.

I am expecting two more great-grandchildren this summer, which will make a total of twenty-eight.

God is the creator of life. Thank God.

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