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Thursday, May 11, 2006

People Are Murdered Everyday

People die everyday. People are murdered every day. People are mass murdered. In recent history, the last 75 years, mass murder has occurred in Germany. Russia, China, Bosnia, Ruanda, Darfur, Zaire, Iraq and Uganda.

Our sense of righteous interference is strongly qualified by several things.

1. the cost to us in money and lives

2. Who is being killed, Chinese, Russians or Africans? Rich, important people or poor people. Muslims, Communists, Animists or Christians? Do we have our own view of ethnic cleansing? That is we look the other way if the people being killed are not of our religion or race. Do we have the same sense of justice that we have for a murderer of a white little girl in this country? Would we have the same intensity to find the killer of the kidnapped, raped and murdered little girls in North Uganda. This is happening by the hundreds right now.

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