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Friday, May 26, 2006

The Wide Gate

Other than being wide, Jesus does not describe the gate. In my past, I thought of a narrow gate as a garden gate and a wide gate as a cattle gate. This dream had a gate much wider. If we were describing the gate we would say “very, very” or “extremely” wide. In my dream I did not see any gate posts. They were beyond my horizon. Nor did I see a swinging gate. It was always open, of course wide open, and crowded with people entering it. It would seem that this should be a toll gate, but there was no evidence of any ticket dispenser. The absence of these allowed a conclusion that this was a free way. This was apparently a planned deception, for the broadway was a toll road and payment was made at the destination. Few, if any, of the people on the road know that there is payment at the end.

Some people on the road suspect that there is payment required, but they are not worried because they think their credit is good. That is a minor error. The major deception is that they believe that these many, almost parallel, broad roads are leading to Heaven and they have good credit for Heaven. These roads are going to destruction and everyone has earned his way.

Jesus said many people go in the wide gate. A gate does not have to be wide for many people to go in it. They can go in one at a time in single file. However, the gate has to be wide for many people to enter at the same time. That is the case here. Hundreds of thousands are entering the wide gate daily.

The road is described as broad, but it is not described as short or long.

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