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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Some Thoughts On Immigration

My great-grandfather Lewis immigrated to Nebraska from Wales with his father-in-law, my great-great-grandmother Joseph. They each homesteaded 160 acres given to them free. My grandfather Leggat came from Scotland when he was four. The Wilsons came from Scotland in the 17th century. Other than work and weather there was no hassle.

A little over fifty years ago when I was in graduate school in Monterey, California a young Japanese couple came to the United States to attend a Christian college in Kansas. Their plan was to return to Japan as evangelists. While they were in Kansas their daughter was born. They did not want her to be an American citizen so they had to register her at a Japanese Consulate. The scenario went something like this. They sent the required information to the Japanese Consulate in New Orleans. The consulate wrote back and said they had the wrong consulate. The sent the information to Chicago. Chicago wrote back saying that they had to send the information to Los Angeles. Los Angeles wrote back and said they had to submit the information within thirty days. They were late so she could not be a Japanese citizen. When they returned to Japan the baby had a U.S. Passport. Japan would not give the baby a permanent visa. They were forced to return to the U.S.

They are living in the U.S. against their first desire. What has this to do with immigration? I recommend that all immigrants who have children born in the United States be given a fast track toward permanent visas and ultimate citizenship.


larry white said...

This subject can be very vexing and perplexing even if one thinks one knows where one's loyalties lie. That probably accounts for my need to re-read and ponder the post much more than usual. I believe you have given it some resolution by application of the Golden Rule. We cannot dictate policy to other nations, but we can lead by following Christ's command and example.

Gordan said...

Even trying to follow the current immigration laws will often lead you your unwittingly becoming "illegal." Despite the most honorable intentions. The system is as broke as broke gets.

We do need just laws, and we do need to protect the country, but we need a warhead to go off first of all in the midst of the beauracracy (sp?).