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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Discovering Your Own Sin

Recently, I read of a new Christian who had decided to forgive a brother in the church who had offended him. This should have been refreshing news to me, when there are so many brothers in so many churches who do not forgive those from whom they have taken offense.

I do not know his situation but I do know of many similar situations.

Forgiveness has been decided on but in the heart forgiveness does not occur. The forgiver has difficulty forgiving even though he wanted to and chooses to. Why not?

Here is one of the reasons. When he was offended by the brother it was easy for him to see the brother’s sin. It never occurred to him that taking offense was as great a sin as giving offense. Maybe even a greater sin. Giving offense may have happened in ignorance with no malice at all. Taking offense is always sin and needs to be confessed and repented of to restore this person to the joy of the Lord. After his joy is restored he then can forgive his brother from the heart.

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