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Thursday, August 24, 2006


In the summer of 1958 I was, with Jerry Hawthorne, teaching for a week at Cedar Campus in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. One evening our little family was invited to Keith and Glady Hunt’s home where we heard Keith read aloud the first chapter of The Last Battle. Douglas had just turned five, Evan would be four, and Heather turned two at the camp. Well that turned me on to Narnia. That November we opened the OCF Bookstore in Annapolis, Maryland. We had immediate access to Narnia. This is a plug for the Chronicles of Narnia. They are children’s books. I am 78; I am not too old for Narnia.

This is also a plug for “What I learned in Narnia” by our oldest son, Douglas. This is a series of CD’s on the following subjects: Authority, Confessing Sin, Nobility, Spiritual Disciplines, Love of Story, Complete Grace, Love for Aslan, and Love for God.

This is great personal teaching about the above subjects and also great teaching about all kinds of people, their character, their reactions, and God and Jesus.

It is also teaching about C.S. Lewis and in the presentation, about Douglas Wilson. This is his father speaking. This is the real Douglas Wilson speaking.

If you have not read the Chronicles of Narnia you can get them at any library or at any bookstore, secular, or Christian. Or you can order them from us at ccm@moscow.com.

You can order What I learned in Narnia from us or from the publisher, Canon Press at 1-800 488-2034 or at www.canonpress.org.

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MrsCranial said...

Hi Jim, You wrote,"This is the real Douglas Wilson speaking." Why did you write this? Is there some other Douglas Wilson out there posing as your son? Becky Rathbun