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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Teachers: Disunity

How can a teacher, who is a Christian and otherwise living a godly life, be a cause of disunity? It seems to be easy enough because there are so many participants. Let us suppose that the doctrines taught are absolutely true and that the students learn these doctrines well. Then, of course, the students will be more like Jesus, more Godly, and more Holy. This does not seem to be the normal outcome. Why?

There are several reasons.

These truths were taught to the head, not the heart.

The teacher was not an example, he was just a teacher.

This is compounded, if in fact, the doctrines are not true.

Or if they are held to be as important as the gospel or if they are taught by ungodly men. There are hundreds of differences among evangelicals and many different subjects. They all could be wrong on “something”, if not everything. They could all be right on “something”. They are different “somethings”.

If we are right we should hold our “rightness” in humility.

If we are wrong and think we are right we are doubly wrong.

Our solution? Everyone else should admit they’re their wrongness in repentance and agree with us, the right ones. This last solution is held by everyone. We are one in that we all agree that all the others are wrong.

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