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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Unity Continued

The greatest advocates of unity in practice, not necessarily in words, are the evangelists. They are in the work of bringing people into the kingdom. At the instant of conversion, a person is one with all other Christians in the world.

Those people who are major on evangelism are workers for unity. Here are a few that you may recognize: Campus Crusade for Christ, Young Life, Youth for Christ, Child Evangelism, Billy Graham, YWAM, OM, most foreign missions, African Enterprise.

Many years ago I was riding a bus from a refugee camp (Rennie’s Mill) back to Hong Kong. I was seated with an older woman, a Missouri Synod Lutheran missionary. We had great fellowship. Then she told me how close she was with the Southern Baptist missionaries. She also added that she had to be careful when she got back to the states. That was a “No, No.” Evangelism is a great means of unity.


thebeloved said...

Ahh yes, it is sad that people lose the blessing of fellowship that could be theirs. It is practiced so easily groups of Christians who are foreigners together wiht the common goal of saving the lost.

Karl said...

Hi, brother, just found your blog. Love it. Some time back you posted this deep comment: "If we are not in fellowship with one another, at least one of us is not walking in the light." Would you expand on that. What do you mean by "in fellowship"? How about two brothers who happen to belong to groups with doctrinal differences? Where do you draw the line? Can two walk together, except they be agreed? I am looking forward to your comment.
God bless you (well, I guess He has)