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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Speak the Truth in Love

It is wonderful to live in a nation that is increasingly tolerant of differences. However, this increasing tolerance is becoming syncretistic. We are saying there is no difference, they are all in agreement. We can no longer express differences of opinion.

I will quote from the Mikado.

“I am right and you are right and all is right as right can be and I am right and you are right and everything is quite correct.”

That which is satire in the song is now a major creed in this country.

In the major public relations effort to keep Islamic people, Arab or other Middle Eastern peoples, American citizens or not, from being mistreated we have implemented the above creed.

All Christian denominations, Eastern Roman, Conservative, Liberal, and Fundamentalist have in their creeds or doctrinal statements the deity of Jesus, his death on the cross for the sins of the world, his burial and bodily resurrection from the dead and that repentance and belief in this truth is the means of salvation and the assurance of that salvation.

All forms of Islam, Sunni, Shi’i and others deny the deity of Jesus, deny His death on the cross, the very fact of it, much less its significance, and deny the resurrection of Jesus, as well as the assurance of salvation except for martyrdom.

In truth, many members of Christian churches also deny these truths, but the Bible teaches them and the Quran denies them.

We, as Christians, are to love the aliens in our land and love those of differing faiths, but we are not to pretend they teach the same thing.

We are to speak the truth in love.

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