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Friday, March 14, 2008

Christian Mentors

Recently, I received this request:

“I have been wondering of late who your self-chosen Christian mentors have been?”

Most of the people who have influenced me have been front line action people. Their theology has been practical theology, the kind that I can imitate without becoming a xerox copy. In my observation, people are more likely to become xerox copies if the imitation is one of intellectual theology.

The people that have helped me the most as examples have been: George Mueller, Amy Carmichael, and Hudson Taylor in praying for provision; James Fraser in praying for souls; Paget Wilkes in evangelism; Christy Wilson in the constant prayer life; Adoniram Judson in perseverance; George Verwer and Brother Andrew on the world’s spiritual needs; Joe Bayly in Bible study, joy in hardship, clear thinking and writing and in confronting with love; and Festo Kivengere in keeping “short accounts” with God. Christy Wilson, George Verwer and Joe Bayly are the only ones I have known personally, the others are from books.

There are several books by or about each of these people. We have, or have access to most of these.

(Taken from Day & Night, 2001)

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