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Monday, October 13, 2014

Group Bible Study Topic 1 - Miracles

The Next three posts will be on bible study topics. They were designed by Bill Pape in the 1960s in Japan. If you do all of them there will be 23 studies.


By faith we leave the realm of human impossibilities, and enter the area of divine possibilities. We pass from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The purpose of this study is to discover the principles governing miracles. God's ways astonish men, but they are never haphazard. There is a vital difference between a miracle, and what is commonly known as 'good luck.'

In making your conclusions, do not read into the Scriptures what is not there. The Bible is not a mirror of your own ideas, but a revelation of the mind of God. On the other hand, do not miss what is in Scripture, and which diligent search will bring to light.

If you do not have time for all the questions at one session of study, select those you feel to be most important, but always include the last.

1. Exodus 14:1-31 - Dividing the sea
2. 1 Kings 17:1-16 - Feeding Elijah
3. 2 Kings 5:1-19 - Healing of Naaman
4. Daniel 3:1-30 - Deliverance of Shadrach etc.
5. John 6:1-15 - Feeding 5,000
6. John 11:1-46 -Raising Lazarus
7. Acts 3:1-4:22 - Healing lame beggar
8. Acts 12:1-19 - Peter's deliverance

For each of these Scriptures alone, decide:

1. What constituted the need for the miracle:
a. As it affected people.
b. As it affected God's purposes.

2. Could these needs have been met in any other way?

3. Was the miracle entirely God's doing, or was human co-operation required in any way? Define the human co-operation if present.

4. What were the consequences of the miracle upon:
a. those who directly benefited by it.
b. other people.
c. men's subsequent attitude to God.

5. Do you consider that a similar miracle done in modern times would have similar effects upon people?

6. What was the primary purpose for which God did this miracle?

7. From the above answers, summarize your conclusions regarding the principles according to which God works miracles.

8. Apply these principles to your own situation.

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