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Friday, October 17, 2014

Group Bible Study Topic 3 - Faith

Three examples of people of faith have bee taken from that classic chapter on the subject, Hebrews 11. A good introduction to this topic would be to read that chapter through.

Since question 7 calls for a definition of faith, by studying the 8 passages of Scripture, you will finally have 8 definitions. There is certain to be some overlapping, but by keeping a record of the various definitions, you may be able to make a comprehensive definition at the end of the studies.

1. Genesis 6:1-22, Hebrews 11:7 - Noah
2. Genesis 15:1-6, Romans 4:16-25 - Abraham
3. Joshua 2:1-21, Hebrews 11:31 - Rahab
4. Jonah 3:1-10 - People of Ninevah
5. Matthew 8:1-13 - Centurion
6. Luke 7:36-50 - A woman
7. John 20:1-10 - 'The other disciple' (vs. 8)
8. Acts 27:1-44 - Paul (vs. 25)

From a study of each of the above Scriptures decide:

1. What were the circumstances or needs that called for the exercise of faith?
2. Were there obstacles or problems that made belief difficult?
3. Exactly what was believed? When possible, make a distinction between what was believed generally and what was believed specifically.
4. Try to determine what gave birth to faith. Consider whether the person believed as an act of desperation, as the result of a process of reasoning, because of the stimulant of another’s faith, or for some other reason.
5. How many people were involved in the decision to believe? In this connection, consider the effect on other people by the faith of the person who believed.
6. What was achieved by faith? Were the results temporary, permanent? And how far-reaching?
7. From the above answers, and from the particular Scripture under study, make a definition of faith.
8. Summarize what you have learned and apply it to yourself.

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