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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Group Bible Study Topic 2 - Leadership

The purpose of this type of study is to discover from the lives of actual people, whose story is recorded in Scripture, some of the principles of leadership. The subject is more difficult than previous subjects we have studied such as guidance and prayer; because the material is not in such concise form. The complete life of each individual should be studied, but since the time for study is usually limited, one incident or one part of the individual's life has been selected. In this way most of the outstanding qualities, conditions, and problems of Christian leadership will be revealed.

1. Exodus 3:1-18, 4:1-20 - Moses
2. Joshua 1:1-18, 3:1-6 - Joshua
3. Samuel 14:1-23 - Jonathan
4. Nehemiah 1:1-11, 2:1-20 - Nehemiah
5. Acts 27:1-44 - Paul
6. Matthew 8:5-13 - Centurion
7. Acts 3:1-16, 4:1-20 - Peter

In studying each of these Scriptures, come to a conclusion regarding:

1. What were the circumstances in which leadership was shown?
2. What was the particular assignment, and how much depended on this assignment being fulfilled?
3. In relation to God, what qualities did the leader have?
4. In relation to other people, what qualities did the leader reveal?
5. Summarize the difficulties, personal or circumstantial, encountered by the leader and decide whether these could have been overcome by his own unaided efforts.
6. What supernatural resources were made available to the leader by God?
7. Summarize the reasons for the leader's success or failure.
8. Apply the principles discovered to yourself.


From Matthew 10:1-42, consider Christ as a leader. Some of the above questions do not fit this unique example. In place of those that are unsuitable add:

1. What methods of leadership did Christ use?
2. What special qualities of leadership did He show on this occasion?

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